Sunday, 26 October 2014

Save the date for the Mommy Mundo Bazaar!

It's that time of the year again when the biggest and the only one-stop bazaar for mommy, baby and kids will happen! The Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2014 will be held at the Glorietta Activity Center on November 7 to 9. Make sure to come on your most comfortable clothes and shoes, especially if you're pregnant! Take time to pass by each and every booth and check out ALL the items that the vendors are selling. You don't want to miss out on any products that you might need. Some of the vendors that you need to definitely watch out for are the following:

1. Halo Philippines - Halo Sleepsack is the #1 choice of hospitals and nurseries as a safer alternative to traditional receiving blankets and loose blankets that can cause suffocation. It is a warm and cuddly blanket that babies can't kick off ensuring that your baby sleeps soundly through the night.

2. Honeysuckle Breastmilk Bags -  This is the strongest breastmilk storage bag available in the market today because both the sides and the bottom are reinforced to ensure that it is leak-proof. It is one of the cheapest, too! So, if you're going to breastfeed (which, you should) make sure to stock up on some boxes of Honeysuckle breastmilk bags!

3. Curious Chef Philippines - It is the leading collection of kids cooking set. They offer real kitchen and baking tools that are safe for your kids to use. With the Curious Chef, your kids can now actively participate in the kitchen and help you cook your favorite family recipes!

4. Urban Essentials - Of course, don't forget to pass by Urban Essentials, the exclusive distributor of Wink Postpartum Shapewear that every woman who has given birth must use! It is OB-GYN recommended and it is the number 1 postpartum shapewear in the US and the Philippines. Urban Essentials is also a distributor of Bellaband, a premium seamless maternity band that is designed to hold up unbuttoned pants and loose maternity wear. Nursing bras are also now available at Urban Essentials.

Wink Postpartum Ultra Bikini

Bellaband, holding up pants since 2001.

5. Paper Chic Studio - This is your one-stop shop for crafting supplies and eco-friendly and chic party supplies! From colorful paper straws, drinking cups, paper plates, to wrapper papers, mason jars, and so much more!

6. Mommy Treats - Mommy Treats offers yummy treats to increase your breastmilk supply. My personal favorite is the brownies! You can much on these without feeling guilty because they are nutritionally balanced and won't make you gain weight!

These are just few of my favorite vendors in the Mommy Mundo Bazaar. You also have to watch out for the program! It will be so much fun!!! How about you? What is your favorite brand in the Mommy Mundo Bazaar? Share it on the comment box below :)

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Best Food Forward is back!

The Best Food Forward (BFF) is back and it will now take place at the Rockwell Tent! I have been a concessionaire of the BFF since their very first food fair 4 years ago and I will continue to support it in the years to come! It is one of most sought after food bazaars simply because Filipinos love food. And the concessionaires that join have really great, yummy and unique food offerings. It also helps that the food fair is so festive so that you'd just want to eat and be happy all day!

Best Food Forward will be staged this weekend already, October 11 and 12 at the Rockwell Tent. I am sure that the previous attendees of this food fair won't dare miss this event. And if you have not gone to the past BFF's before, then this is your chance! Bring the entire family and look forward to a delicious weekend! See you!

Friday, 3 October 2014


As some of you might know, aside from Wink Shapewear, I also have a food and franchising business. I started Enzo’s Shawarma by initially joining different bazaars and food events. Actually a lot of successful restaurant owners or boutique owners started their businesses this way! That’s why I have a high regard for hard working people who make an effort to introduce their food and craft through this.  It is where you will discover new food, new menu, new crafts, new offerings from up and coming brands.

When my friend, Em Matias, told me about The Urban Food Collective, which is a weekend market and so much more, I got excited because this will again open doors of opportunity for many entrepreneurs.

The Urban Food Collective (TUFC) understands that food brings people together, that food is at the center of some of life’s best moments. Its vision is to be the premiere food community in the country. Current, informative, and educational, TUFC aims to be the food hub where people can share their passion for gastronomy.  TUFC’s online community will feature everything food – articles and recipes, exciting deals featuring the country’s best culinary fare, and “The Urban Food Collective Marketplace” which will retail unique food items and implements. To bring the online community even closer together, TUFC will champion various food lifestyle events, where foodies can meet and indulge in their passion for unique flavors and gustatory delights.

What’s love for food when you have no one to share it with? Let The Urban Food Collective be your community for food. Stay hungry for the good things in life.

The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market

The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market is a carefully curated collection of purveyors. Located in CommerCenter, Alabang’s newest lifestyle mall, it is a place where people can comfortably gather, browse, and shop. It will be a venue for patrons to find a bevy of treasures from gourmet, specialty foods to local, artisanal arts and crafts. The Weekend Market’s activities and pocket events will give them the opportunity to learn new things or simply engage with the community.

For purveyors, it will be an opportunity to showcase their goods to a truly discerning crowd, while providing them with a gateway to other business opportunities with The Urban Food Collective.  Also recognizing its responsibility to society, The Urban Food Collective will donate a portion of the proceeds from the Weekend Market to the Taguyod Bayan foundation, helping rebuild communities affected by typhoon Haiyan in Sara Iloilo.

See you at the market! Where you can find good food, good things, and goodwill.

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