Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Secret! Wink! :)

I have 3 kids and all were born via C-section. During my first pregnancy, all I bought and prepared for were baby stuff. Baby wash, baby clothes, burp pads, etc. I did not realize that I would be needing a binder after I delivered. After my surgery, my OB wrapped a hospital type of binder around my tummy to support the incision. That was what I wore until I went home but immediately removed it after a few days because it was too itchy and the velcro was irritating my skin and my baby's skin when he gets in contact with the binder whenever I breastfed him. Aside from that, the binder already lost its stretch by day 3 and I could not feel any compression nor support anymore. It was also very bulky so I could not wear it under my clothes discreetly.
Notice how I inserted my hospital gown inside the edges of my binder because the velcros kept sticking to my skin and it was really itchy and painful!

It was hard for me to walk and move without a binder that's why I went to the mall and tried to look for a comfortable binder that I could wear. All I found was another bulky postpartum binder which was a bit more comfortable than the hospital binder. It was a 2 piece binder. You have to wear the tube like cloth first then wrap the binder over that. It also had Velcro just like the hospital type. It was still bulky but I did not have any choice because that is the only one available. It cost around P3k and I used it for about a month only. It was too hot! My tummy perspired a lot, it was unbelievably itchy and it kept riding up or down. It also lost its stretch pretty quickly. Tiniis ko lang to to wear it for a month because I wanted my tummy to slim down fast. But I just wore it at home because it looks ugly and very noticeable under my clothes. After about a month of wearing it, I had scars in my tummy from the allergy and itchiness.

When I got pregnant with my second baby, I realized that I had to look for a more comfortable and more effective shapewear. One that I would not mind wearing the whole day.There's got to be something out there! I browsed the internet and checked reviews, and there it is, I found Wink Postpartum Shapewear from the U.S. I had to read a lot of reviews about it because I could not personally see and touch it. I learned that Wink's fabric delivers the highest level of slimming power available. In fact, world renowned French plastic surgeon Dr. Yves-Gerard Illouz, M.D. found that only fabric with the pressure range between 17 to 20 mm Hg (found ONLY in Wink’s fabric) delivers true slimming benefits such as the reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

After reading a lot of reviews from moms who used it and swear by it, I decided to purchase it online. After giving birth, I was wrapped again in the hospital-type binder because it was already included in my package. Suot ko lang yun for 1 day. As soon as my catheter was removed and took a bath, I wore my Wink Postpartum Ultra Bikini. And it was such a beautiful relief! Ang sarap ng pakiramdam!The compression was really really strong and yet the fabric is soft and thin. It is seamless so when I got out of the hospital, I did not even look like I gave birth! Mukha lang akong maarteng patient na naka wheelchair palabas ng hospital hehe I wore it day and night and only removed it whenever I took a bath and when I needed to wash it. How I wished I bought 2! The fabric is very cool to the skin and did not make me sweat that’s why I could wear it the whole day. The compression is very strong and yet it did not suffocate me. It stayed in place and I did not have to keep pulling it up and fixing it. I also felt that my posture improved because I did not slouch anymore. After my first CS, I was always slouching because I felt like my tummy was so empty and hollow. Basta if you did not undergo CS, you would not understand. And those who had CS will know exactly what I mean. I showed it to my OB and she, too, approved of it. She even got surprised on my next visit to her that my tummy got small very quickly. She even said na kahit sya pala pwedeng gumamit nun. 

10 days postpartum (wearing my black Ultra underneath)
 It was definitely the best postpartum shapewear that I have ever used. That is why I decided to bring Wink Shapewear to the Philippines as the exclusive distributor. I felt that I had to let other Filipino moms know about this amazing shapewear because there's nothing in this country like it! 

I used my Wink Shapewear for a very long time. I used the same one after I gave birth to my third baby. And it maintained its stretchiness after all the washing and wearing. It's very durable that's why in the long run, it's really more matipid than other ugly cheap binders. This is actually my secret why I get back to my pre-pregnancy shape in no time! The Wink Postpartum Ultra Bikini has 3 levels of adjustments on the sides so I could tighten it as I my tummy shrinks, and it shrinked pretty quickly as compared to when I did not wear it the first time I gave birth. I still wear it now especially when I am wearing a tight fitting dress or skirt because I have a vertical incision and if I don’t wear my Wink Shapewear, it will show. That’s also what I love about Wink. You can wear it not only after giving birth but even years after that! Even women who did not give birth can wear it and benefit from its instant slimming effect.

Wink Postpartum Shapewear has been in the Philippines for a year now and more and more Filipino moms are using it. I love how these moms recommend it to other moms because that is our goal. To be known through words of real moms, real users of Wink Shapewear who personally experienced how fantastic it is!

To know more about Wink Shapewear, visit www.urbanessentials.com.ph

To know about your size, whether you’re still pregnant, have already given birth or if you plan to use this as an everyday shapewear,  you may text, viber, whatsapp me at 09178336967. I am very approachable, kaya text me lang your questions :)

URBAN ESSENTIALS is the exclusive distributor of Wink Shapewar

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