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It's been over a year since I last gave birth. But I just thought to share with pregnant moms my hospital bag necessities. 

  1.  Philhealth Member’s Data Record and SSS forms – There are different procedures or requirements for those who are employed and self-employed. I suggest you give your hospital a call to ask what exactly you need to bring. You may ask to be transferred to the hospital’s Philhealth Department. Don’t call the actual Philhealth trunk line because they might give a different answer from your hospital’s Philhealth Department.  Some hospitals require the actual Philhealth MDR plus a copy of the contribution, some just require your MDR or your husband’s. You better inquire about this few months before your actual due date, so that you’ll have enough time to sort out your documents. If your requirements are incomplete, you’ll end up shouldering all the expenses that could have been deducted by your Philhealth. You can reimburse it, but it will take more than 3 months and you’ll need to go back to the hospital to get your reimbursement.
  2.  Insurance Card – If your delivery and hospitalization will be covered by your insurance, you’ll need to surrender your insurance card to the hospital staff. Have this ready together with your documents and place inside an envelope. Give it to the husband because if you’re already in labor, you won’t have time to get these from your bag.
  3. Underwear – Bring seamless panties because you just might end up having a c-section. And even the garter of the panties will cause extreme pain on your incision. But don’t bring super huge panties, because remember that you’ll be wearing a napkin due to your bleeding. So, bring undies that are secure enough (not too big so it won’t keep moving and be out of place) but won’t be too tight on your lower abdomen. Don’t forget your nursing bras as well.
  4. Napkin - No need to buy the maternity pads because they’re bulky and don’t have wings. I bought a pack of maternity pads when I was pregnant with my first baby and just tried to use one after I gave birth. It kept folding up in the middle so I ended up having a mess! And it was very uncomfortable and bulky. Your bleeding will be much like regular menstruation. Any heavier than that, you will need to call the attention of your OB because there might be an underlying infection. (Brand I Recommend: Modess All Night)
  5. Pajamas – Just so you can be comfy and warm.
  6. Socks – Prepare 1 pair of socks for each night spent in the hospital.
  7. Slippers – Bring slippers. The hospital is not a hotel, so there won’t be any free slippers.
  8. Going home outfit - Make sure your outfit will allow you to breastfeed your baby on the way home. It must also be roomy enough and comfy. Your tummy won’t magically disappear once the baby is out so don’t bring your skinny jeans and tight fitting clothes. For the shoes, you can wear the one you wore when you came in the hospital, just make sure it will look okay with the going home outfit that you will bring.
  9. Toiletries (Shampoo, Conditioner, facial wash, feminine wash, comb) – It is advisable to transfer these to small containers. I even recommend just buying shampoo and conditioner in sachet. You’ll just stay in the hospital for a few days. No need to bring the family size bottles.
  10. Bath Towels – Again, the hospital is not a hotel and they won’t provide towels.
  11. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  12. Kikay kit – This is very important! You’ll want your face to be presentable during photo ops! Don’t forget to also pack an extra hairtie. You might have a hairtie when you came to the hospital, but trust me, you’ll lose it. So bring an extra one.
  13. Charger (phone and camera)– It will be such a waste if you’re already made up and pretty and ready for the camera and the phone and camera batteries are empty. Also make sure that you have more than enough space on your memory card. Better yet, make sure there’s no file on the memory card.
  14. Pillow – Bring extra pillows for you and your hubby or whoever will be there to spend the night with you. I can never sleep without a pillow on my back while I’m on a sidelying position. And this is my position when I breastfeed my baby while sleeping. Note: I have 3 kids already, and I’m already a veteran breastfeeding momma, so I’m used to this position as early as when I’m in the hospital. It is best to let the baby sleep in his cot to avoid accidents. And hubbies, please sleep on the sofa and never on the hospital bed especially when the baby is there!
  15. Eyeglasses – If you don’t wear eyeglasses, this does not apply to you. If you contact lenses, bring your solution and contact lenses case.
  16.  Drinking Water and snacks – Bottled water may be too expensive in the hospital. So bring your own.
  17. Wink Postpartum Shapewear – And of course, never ever forget your soon to be bestfriend, Wink Postpartum Shapewear. Whether you will have a normal delivery or a c-section, it is best to wear your Wink as early as when you’re still in the hospital. I had c-section on all of my pregnancies, so I wore my Wink Shapewear on the second day, after my catheter was removed. After you give birth, you’ll feel like the inside of your tummy is all jumbled up. Your abdominal muscles will be much too weak to hold everything in because of the stress and stretching it endured for the past nine months. You may have a back ache, you will have difficulty walking, you will even have difficulty talking loudly especially if you’ll have c-section. It’s like there’s not enough strength and force in your abdomen to do all these. And for those who will have c-section, the incision site will be very painful. Wearing your Wink Postpartum Shapewear will help you with all these plus the best part? Because of its medical grade qualities you’ll lose the bulge in your tummy very fast because of Wink and it’s very comfortable! Check out Wink Postpartum Shapewear at Urban Essentials.
  18.  Hubby’s Stuff – Your hubby won’t know what to pack so prepare it for him. 
               a.       His own change of clothes for each day or night that he will be with you in the                            hospital.
               b.      Toothbrush
               c.       Underwear
               d.      Jacket
               e.      Slippers
               f.        Charger of his own gadgets

  1.  Diapers – Some hospital will provide you with a pack of diapers. But you’ll still need to bring your own because newborns will require you to change their nappies around 10 times in a day! (Brand I recommend: Pampers )
  2.  Cotton balls – You’ll need cotton balls dipped in warm water to clean up your newborns bum during diaper change. Don’t use baby wipes because your newborn’s skin is still very sensitive and using baby wipes will cause skin friction.
  3. Baby clothes – I prefer baby clothes to be all white, just because it looks nicer and cleaner. And so that you’ll immediately see it when ants or any insects crawl on your newborn’s clothes. Bring 6 to 8 baby clothes with side ties, and around 6 shorts or pj’s. (Brand I Recommend: Enfant)
  4. Receiving blanket – I packed about 6 to 10 receiving blankets before. Your newborn might accidentally pee or poop on the blanket while you’re changing their nappy.  Newborn poop are pretty strong, forceful and powerful, so when changing the nappy, be vigilant and quick!
  5. Socks – I prefer the stretchy socks and not the booties that you tie because booties will be too big for your newborn’s feet and they end up getting removed especially when they cry and kick, so you’ll keep putting them on and eventually lose them. The stretchy socks are more comfortable and give more warmth because it hugs their feet. Bring about 4 pairs of socks.
  6. Mittens – Your newborn’s nails will be very thin but long. Hey, they don’t have nail clippers inside your tummy! Their nails will scratch their faces so just like the socks, choose mittens that are secure and won’t keep falling. Make sure the mittens don’t have excess threads inside, because it might strangle your newborns fingers. (Brand I recommend: Enfant)
  7. Hat – Bonnets are better because again, they’re stretchy and won’t keep falling off your newborn’s head as compared to hats that have ties.
  8. Baby wash – The hospital staff will help and teach you how to bathe your newborn. Some hospitals will provide a small baby wash, but again, bring your own because you might not like the brand that they give you. (Brand I recommend: Mustela, Aveeno, Human Nature)
  9. Burp pads – You can bring around 6 burp pads. (Brand I recommend: Enfant Birds Eye Diaper cloth)


      Milk Bottles and Formula Milk!
      There’s already a law against feeding formula milk to newborns. So please abide by it. Hospitals are not allowed to encourage parents to formula feed their babies. So, beware of these hospitals. Don’t ever think that you might not have milk in the first few days, because that is impossible. Your milk will not be overflowing or it might not even be visible initially, because the first milk that comes out is the colostrum, which is clear. Your body will produce just enough milk that your newborn will need. And as the days go by, it will produce more because your newborn will need more milk. Giving your newborn formula milk, will disrupt your body’s normal response in producing milk. Your breasts need to be sucked by your newborn in order to produce more milk. More sucking = More milk. No sucking = no milk. 


  1. Yes, agree with everything here especially the last tip! When I gave birth, though, I couldn't find newborn diapers anywhere. I had to buy small diapers, which were too big for a newborn baby!

  2. I agree! No Milk Bottles and Formula Milk! Hospitals are encouraging all mothers to breastfeed their babies. I'm proud to say that I am a breastfeeding mom since day 0 up to now, my baby is 7 months old. :)

  3. Wow, that's quite a long list. I don't remember bringing all those, and I've not yet known of the postpartum shapewear. :) I think my list got shorter on my third baby.

  4. I remember the last 2 times I gave birth to y kids cause of this! great checklist! haha... would you believe that PGH actually encourages formula milk instead of breastfeeding. kaya ayun, away kmi ng inlaws ko kasi gusto kong mag breastfeed tapos sila ayaw. chos lang. :D

    1. Really? When did you give birth? Baka there was still no breastfeeding law then?

  5. I hope I read this article when I'm pregnant. This is really beneficial to all upcoming mommies.

  6. I have this checklist too! And my bag is ready by the front door for easy access when it's time to go to the hospital!

  7. very detailed info mommy Joy, I think I should keep a list in my wallet so I won't forget a thing,thanks for sharing :)

  8. We did the same thing. I had my bag packed 2 months before I was due to give birth. This is helpful for every pregnant mom.

  9. I'd add lactation cookies :D These are the perfect after-birth snacks for me. They're not required, but it's a good addition to the bag.

  10. You know what Joy? This post is just what I need. I'm 7.5 mos. pregnant and already was already about to make my list of things to bring. Thank you for doing it for me. On my 1st pregnancy, I was so clueless. I thought that SLMC was going to provide the diapers, napkin, cotton, etc. We ended up paying premium for those small stuff on our first day. Now I know better :)

  11. Glad you made this post! When I gave birth, we didn't have all the things needed, I didn't even have adult diapers for my water because we thought they were exaggerating! It was lesson learned for me!

  12. I remember having a checklist also. This is very important for us- moms.. and its also true when travelling. :)

  13. Thanks for sharing this post. I'm sure this is helpful for those expecting moms out there who have no idea what to bring in the hospital.

  14. This is a very helpful post. I will be sharing this to my soon-to-be mom friends.

  15. This very informative! :) i already packed my hospital bag but will surely by adding more/repacking because i soo missed a lot of essential items after.reading your detailed list. Im glad i googled you name after our exchanges about my order and found your blog. Thank you so much for the help! God bless you more po! :)


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