Sunday, 22 November 2015


My youngest is already 2 years and 5 months old, but he is still breastfed. I have not stopped breastfeeding, except for the 4 days that I went out of the country last October. I am actually amazed at how much milk I can still produce. There are times that I still get leaks. There really is no secret to having lots of breastmilk. The only thing you need to remember is NEVER STOP BREASTFEEDING. Your body produces milk on demand. Breastfeed frequently and you will continuously have milk available for your baby. 

When I went out of the country, I had to manually express my breast to release (and dump) my breastmilk. I used to use a breast pump with my 2 other sons but with my youngest I did not have to because I just brought him with me whenever I needed to go out. So ever since he was born, until now, he feeds directly from me. 

Anyway, For the first 2 days that I was out of the country, my breasts felt tender because of the milk. But on the third day, since my body knew that nobody is using the milk that it is producing, it somehow stopped. I was kind of worried that it will be permanently gone. But when I got back home, I just immediately breastfed my baby again and it's as if nothing happened. It's like it was just on pause then resumed hehe 

So, what is my point? It just proves that if you stop breastfeeding, your body really stops producing milk. So, if you feel that you don't have enough milk, ask yourself if you are breastfeeding frequently. I am not a lactation expert but I am a veteran. I have been breastfeeding since 2009 since I gave birth to my eldest. So, I guess 6 years (and counting) of breastfeeding can earn me the rank of being a veteran breastfeeding mama haha 

There are products, though, that can help your body BOOST your breastmilk. Take note ha, BOOST and not PRODUCE. They only help in increasing your milk supply but not actually produce if you are not doing your part, which is the most important thing. I have tried a lot of these breastmilk boosters but the only 2 that I really felt helped are the VPharma Megamalunggay capsules and my favorite Mommy Treats lacation snacks. I never had any problem with my supply but there are days when I feel that my milk is thin. Whenever I take these 2 my milk becomes thicker.
During bazaars, Paola of Mommy Treats and I usually have booths next to each other so I have instant snacks hehe I would munch on her lactation brownies (they're calorie-controlled, so hindi nakakataba hehe) and after few minutes, I would feel my breasts getting tender already. For breastfeeding mamas, you would know that feeling diba? When the breasts are producing milk na. That's exactly how I feel everytime I take these.
Vpharma Mega-Malunggay Capsules
Mommy Treats Lactation Snacks

So there goes my long post. 
Moral lesson: 


Wednesday, 4 November 2015


More than the decorative emblems, bright lighting, and shopping deals, Ayala Malls shares the love by reminding shoppers of the beloved family traditions and important things that make Christmas magical and meaningful.

From far North in Fairview Terraces down to the Queen City of the South at Ayala Center Cebu, Ayala Malls will let you feel the Yuletide cheer by bringing you “The Sound of Christmas”, a concert series featuring top singers together with the well-renowned Manila Symphony Orchestra.

Save these dates!
November 5 at Trinoma : 
Piolo Pascual and Daryl Ong

November 7 at Glorietta : 
Sam Milby and Yeng Constantino

November 11 at Greenbelt : 
Erik Santos and Nikki Gil

November 14 at Fairview Terraces / November 22 at Market! Market! / 
December 13 at Ayala Center Cebu :
Kyla, KZ Tandingan, Richard Poon, Angeline Quinto, Jay R and Marion Aunor

As every celebration won’t be complete without people grooving to the beat, Ayala Malls partners again with Steps Dance Project to bring back Frankly Speaking. Frankly Speaking is a jazz musical inspired from the famous hits of the legendary music icon, the late Frank Sinatra. This musical concert will also feature the talented dancer, musician and entertainer, Omar Edwards from New York.

November 13 at Harbor Point, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

November 14 at MarQuee Mall Angeles, Pampanga

November 20 at Centrio Mall, Cagayan De Oro

November 22 at Abreeza mall, Davao

There will also be a special show for the kids featuring Peppa Pig!  Together with her little brother George and Mummy and Daddy Pig, who will be giving a Christmas presentation with sing-a-long, dancing, and snorts of laughter for the most wonderful time of the year. Perfect for loving parents with children who are avid fans of this bubbly cartoon show.

November 13-15 at Glorietta 

November 21-22 at Trinoma

November 27-29 at Ayala Center Cebu

December 4-6 at Alabang Town Center

December 11-13 at Market! Market! 

December 18-20 at Ayala Malls Solenad

More events to watch out for!

November 7 at Glorietta
Calligraphy Fair: an afternoon pen meet highlighting top artists in the country

December 7 at Glorietta
Artwork T-shirt Printing for customized shirts for the holidays

As Christmas is the season to give back, a CSR effort from the mall entitled “100 Christmas Wishes” will also be held to encourage shoppers in sponsoring wishes of 100 less fortunate children from November to December.

While Greenbelt will kick off its Christmas season with a lighting and toasting ceremony on November 11, Alabang Town Center introduces the holiday spirit with back-to-back toy fairs and sale events before its weekly Community Christmas Cantata on the whole month of December with special participation from Lyceum Orchestra, Lighthouse Bible Church, San Beda College, SAT Music, Christ Commission Fellowship, and many more.

There will also be a food fair!

December 11-13
The Clean Plate at UP Town Center

All weekends of December
Greenbelt Christmas Market

December 20-22
Awesome Food Fair (Co presented by Awesome Planet)

Moreover, your weekends will become extra special in Ayala Malls nationwide with a sequence of meet-and-greet events with Santa Claus, fireworks displays, chorales, booths for holiday treats, and the traditional Simbang Gabi.

With a brilliant mélange of excellent shows, great music, and unique concepts, Ayala Malls unarguably inculcates the true spirit of celebrating Christmas as a Filipino to the hearts of many. Christmas is more than gift-giving and exchanging of greeting cards, it is the simple experience of joy, love, and satisfaction that comes from the inside.  So, make your holiday this year a lot happier and more fulfilling through spending the festive days with what Ayala Malls has prepared for you and your family. 


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