Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Kid's Workshop: More Than Just A Play Place

Whenever we go to the mall, my kids would always ask to play in those play place. My husband and I leave the kids there to play for about an hour with their yayas looking over them from the outside of the play area. Aside from the fact that the kids really enjoy burning their energy by playing, it is also a chance for me and my husband to go around the mall by ourselves without the super kulit kids asking to go to the toy store every 2 minutes. So, when I received 2 free passes for my kids at the Kid’s Workshop, I showed the photos of the place on the internet to my kids and they got super excited! We decided to schedule it on September 8 because that was also Marko’s 4th birthday.

Monday, 8 September 2014


It's been over a year since I last gave birth. But I just thought to share with pregnant moms my hospital bag necessities. 

  1.  Philhealth Member’s Data Record and SSS forms – There are different procedures or requirements for those who are employed and self-employed. I suggest you give your hospital a call to ask what exactly you need to bring. You may ask to be transferred to the hospital’s Philhealth Department. Don’t call the actual Philhealth trunk line because they might give a different answer from your hospital’s Philhealth Department.  Some hospitals require the actual Philhealth MDR plus a copy of the contribution, some just require your MDR or your husband’s. You better inquire about this few months before your actual due date, so that you’ll have enough time to sort out your documents. If your requirements are incomplete, you’ll end up shouldering all the expenses that could have been deducted by your Philhealth. You can reimburse it, but it will take more than 3 months and you’ll need to go back to the hospital to get your reimbursement.
  2.  Insurance Card – If your delivery and hospitalization will be covered by your insurance, you’ll need to surrender your insurance card to the hospital staff. Have this ready together with your documents and place inside an envelope. Give it to the husband because if you’re already in labor, you won’t have time to get these from your bag.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lactacyd : Unique Care for Every Woman

The beautiful brand ambassador of Lactacyd, Anne Curtis
I was recently invited to go to the press launch of Lactacyd to witness the unveiling of its latest range in the Philippines. It was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and was attended by company officials, VIP's, bloggers, media and of course, Lactacyd's current brand ambassador, Anne Curtis.

The venue was designed magnificently, with 5 different pods, namely London, Bali, New York, Maldives, and Tokyo, representing the 5 variants of Lactacyd. We were asked to visit each pod to let us experience each city and choose our own adventure that fits our lifestyle. Carrying the brand's promise to provide safe and natural care, Lactacyd now offers more choices and distinct benefits that will match the different needs, personality, lifestyle and hygienic care needs of today's modern women.

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