Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Product Review : Attipas Baby and Toddler Shoes

We recently got a pair of Attipas shoes for Javi and I must say that I really love them as much as Javi does. My first impression on it is how cute it looks! We got the green Attipas with blue polka dots. Because it looks so playful and fun, Javi was so excited to wear them! He looked so kilig as I wore it to his feet and while he was walking around.

Ang yabang lang maglakad ng bata hehe


Javi is already past the stage when he is just starting to learn how to walk, but Attipas shoes is just as great because it is very lightweight. Medyo mabilis matapilok si Javi and it happens mostly when he wears his Crocs. So he mostly walked barefoot when he’s at home, but now he always wears his Attipas. 

Attipas Baby and Toddler Shoes is a fairly new product and it deserves a place in the limelight! It was developed based on the biomechanical knowledge of the children's brain development. It ensures that the toddlers have a correct pattern of walking by evenly distributing the pressure on their feet as they walk. It does this by allowing the toddlers to feel the sole of the shoes and by letter their toes move freely, just like when they are walking barefoot.

  • Lightweight - It's as if your toddler is just wearing socks. That is literally how light it is! And this is important because your toddler would not mind wearing it if it is light and comfy. A lot of kids hate wearing shoes and a lot of parent have a hard time looking for shoes that they can make their toddlers wear. So, parents, listen up! Attipas is the ONE!
  • Flexible - One reason why toddlers hate wearing shoes is they feel constricted. They find it more difficult to walk with shoes on. When kids are still starting to learn how to walk, their feet need to feel the ground that they are walking on. It improves their sense of balance and makes it easier for them to walk without having to look down on their feet to check if they stepped correctly or if they placed their feet correctly on the ground. Wearing Attipas is practically like walking barefoot because of its flexibility. Attipas becomes part of your toddler's feet.
  • Breathability - Attipas shoes won't make your toddler's feet stink because there are breathable holes that release heat! Yes, kids are supposed to smell sweet but when you let them wear shoes that won't allow their feet to release heat, then yup, it will stink!
  • Easy to clean - You can just wipe or wash it without having to worry that the colors will fade or it will get damaged. In fact, you can even put it inside the washing machine! Awesome!
  • Cute designs - I love the designs and they are very appropriate to toddlers. Lots of designs to choose from for both boys and girls. 
  • Affordable - I think some designs cost below P1k! That is so affordable! So, it won't be too hard for parents to buy 2 or 3 Attipas shoes for their toddlers!




Attipas is available in Rustans, Mothercare, Landmark, Cudsly, and Modern Mama 
For more info, like their Facebook

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