Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Shu Uemura Eyebrow Manicure Review

I have thick and dark brows so I never needed to use any make up on them before. I only needed to groom them. But then one day, while on my way to buying some bread in French Baker, I saw this attractive booth of Shu Uemura and it was blocking my way to French Baker  hehe. So I stopped for a while, and ayun na, make up shopping!!! 

The Shu Uemura girls let me try the Shu Uemera Eyebrow Manicure in Honey Glaze. At first, I was hesitant because my brows might get even darker. But when I applied them, ang ganda ng effect! It held my brows in place and filled the part of the brows that grew unevenly. It’s very very easy to use. The applicator looks like a mascara but it’s a bit shorter. You just have to brush it on your brows without any worry na it might not be pantay. The look is very natural as compared to when you use a pencil or brow powder which I never used. I got several compliments on my brows because of it.

It also lasts for a long time kasi the first time I bought it was December of 2012. Until now, nagagamit ko pa din sya but the other day when I was in Trinoma to buy some grocery, I dropped by Shu Uemura to buy a face powder, pero ayun napatingin tingin pa ko ng ibang make up and I tried on the Eyebrow Manicure in Tawny Gold naman. This shade is even better than Honey Glaze. I had no choice but to buy it hehe The color is perfect for those who have colored hair. Honey Glaze kasi is a bit lighter lang than black (light black haha), but Tawny Gold is medyo light brown. Nakaka soft ng effect sa face. Ang ganda lang.
It’s also waterproof so kung ano inapply mo in the morning, kahit makipagsapalaran sa sikat ng araw, it won’t smudge. Perfect natural looking brows pa din the whole day!
And the best part about shopping in Shu Uemura is they always give freebies. I bought the eyebrow manicure and a compact foundation and they gave me 2 50ml bottles of cleansing oil and few sachets of liquid foundation. Ang saya diba? :)

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