Sunday, 9 November 2014

I have FINALLY found the perfect NURSING BRA!!!

I have been breastfeeding since 2009 and I have tried a lot of nursing bras already. Different styles and different brands.. Some were bought locally, some I bought pa in the US. I kept hoping that this is it! This is the nursing bra that I have been looking for! But I ended up not wearing them because they were so bulky, full of thick pads, uncomfortable and looked very unnatural when worn. Lahat sila ganun! I never found the nursing bra that is compatible with my boobies!

Just like our belly that grows when pregnant, gusto din maging bida ng boobs, so they also change in size dramatically from pregnancy to motherhood. Usually, you buy nursing bras that are 1 to 2 sizes larger than your normal bra size because you would not fit in your normal bra size especially sa simula or when you’re still preggers. Actually some moms, they buy or use their nursing bras once they’ve given birth already. Kasi they feel that their bra size will change pa. Well, tama naman.. Kasi once you given birth and start breastfeeding, the breasts become bigger. Pero after a while, the breasts go back to their normal size or almost normal size kahit malakas pa din ang breast milk. So, if you purchased a nursing bra that is 2 sizes larger than your normal size, then after just a month or 2, you won’t be able to use them anymore because they would be too big for you already. Or you would end up buying some more nursing bras that are smaller in size. So, eventually you will have a collection of nursing and maternity bras that you won’t be able to use. Such a waste of money, diba? Well, that’s what happened to me. I have about 7 nursing bras na nakatambak na lang sa cabinet that I wore for about a month only. Badtrip, saying sa money!

Pero, after 5 years of breastfeeding, I have finally found the perfect nursing bra! It was designed for comfort, support and fit so that you can wear it from belly to baby! You would not need to buy different sizes anymore! It is seamless and does not have any hooks and wires except for the clasp in front which you won’t feel naman.  It stretches amazingly so when your breasts are full of milk, the bra stretches to conform to the shape of your breasts. And after feeding, you won't feel like your bra cup has become empty and too big for your breasts. Even if your size goes up or down, because of the amazing stretch of the fabric, this nursing bra won’t feel too tight nor too loose on you.

So, without further adieu, I introduce to you The Truly Seamless Nursing Bra Collection from Ingrid & Isabel. Super winner! Their nursing bras are just available in sizes small, medium and large. See? It’s that simple! Whatever your body size is, you’ll just have to choose between those 3 sizes without having to worry that the cup might be too small or too big or okay sana ang cup size but the fit around the ribs is too tight!

So, if you’re a mom and just like me hirap maghanap ng nursing bra, then this is it! Look no more! 

Go to na to shop for your nursing bra!


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